Be Less Reactive

A reaction is something you do automatically when you experience something usually due to past conditioning. When you react you are usually at a disadvantage as you have less or no control due to you lack of a considered response. Reactions tend to be emotionally driven, sporadic and often do not help any situation improve. Mindfully responding can have the opposite effect though.

We all know when someone is reacting to the emotion of a situation and not considering their responses. It is not uncommon for people on the other side of a disagreement to use the fact that you only react to their advantage. When you only react you can hand control of yourself to another person without realising.


The alternative is to mindfully respond instead of just blindly reacting without any thought. The urge to react is always there in many of us, but if you are mindful of the present you can catch the reaction, think and instead respond if a response is needed. Even if you don’t catch the reaction initially you will at least notice that you are reacting and quickly bring yourself back under control so you can respond more appropriately.

Mindfully responding may be more passive as it takes a bit more time to think and then come back with a more considered response or thought but it will lose you less friends in the long run. Remember, now we’re experiencing the present more, let’s make it a happier, more enjoyable and less volatile present without thoughtless reactions.

John Burley

John Burley lives in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom and is the author of Mindfulness for the Mindless due for publication on 2nd April 2018. He is also the director of a software development company producing software solutions to mainly the gaming industry. He blogs about mindfulness at which has a growing following both on the blog itself, the accompanying Android app and on social media too.

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