Improve Resilience with Mindfulness

Life throws many things at us to make it more challenging but by just being more mindful you can cope and bounce back quicker and with less effort, allowing you more time to enjoy life. As you become aware that you can cope and bounce back from things that go wrong quicker, you will also become less anxious about upcoming issues as result.

When something goes wrong in life you can often end up experiencing a barrage of emotions and feelings, some that you may not experience often, if ever before. Mindfulness helps you observe these feelings and emotions to better understand them, experience them and then let them go.

There are several ways you can help yourself become more resilient for when things go wrong in life, many of which regular mindfulness practice will help with. A mindful person tends to cultivate close, supportive and positive relationships with others that help when challenging times arise. They also tend to try to find a positive to take from the situation when something goes wrong or against the plan. Mindful people tend better understand themselves and needs resulting in a more positive approach to issues.

Use your mindfulness skills to focus on positive and optimistic thoughts and feelings, remember being positive is a choice. Learn to be more decisive and take action, this will save you from ruminating on which is the best decision to take. Finally, just accept that bad things happen to all of us and it is just part of life. You will cope if you use you mindfulness skills to best understand what you are experiencing in the present and you will likely learn a lot more about yourself as part of the process.

John Burley

John Burley lives in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom and is the author of Mindfulness for the Mindless due for publication on 2nd April 2018. He is also the director of a software development company producing software solutions to mainly the gaming industry. He blogs about mindfulness at which has a growing following both on the blog itself, the accompanying Android app and on social media too.

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