Who Are You Being Mindful For?

Ultimately you should be practicing mindfulness for yourself, however as you start to notice the differences that mindfulness brings in yourself so will the others around you. So it’s not a bad idea to consider who in your life will see the benefits that mindfulness will bring for you. It might help setting your mindfulness intention and vision too. Consider who is in your life and how they would also benefit when you start to realise the benefits of mindfulness.

The more mindfulness you practice the more likely you will be more kind, compassionate and attentive to others. You will likely be less irritable and more approachable. Just some people who will likely benefit from you being more mindful are:

  • Family
  • Partner / spouse
  • Friends
  • People you work with
  • Neighbours

As mentioned in previous posts, you must be setting off on your mindfulness journey purely for yourself and for the benefits it will bring for you alone. The benefits and the better relationships you will likely have with others as a result should be considered a very welcome bonus. It’s time to put yourself first but being aware that others will likely receive some benefit help you feel less selfish.

John Burley

John Burley lives in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom and is the author of Mindfulness for the Mindless due for publication on 2nd April 2018. He is also the director of a software development company producing software solutions to mainly the gaming industry. He blogs about mindfulness at http://www.amindfulway.blog which has a growing following both on the blog itself, the accompanying Android app and on social media too.

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